DF95 2019 Series 1 Event 7

Tuesday 28th May

The last event of 2019 series 1 for the DF95 had some familiar themes, 7 Yachts, guest helms, wind from the West, Chris Chatfield the man to beat from the start (We all tried and Derek almost succeeded).

With the wind from the West and at mid B rig strength a course was set using the full length of the lake, start near the clubhouse, up to the two buoys closest to the far end used as a spreader and back to the matching pair at the other end of the lake used as a gate. A longish beat to the finish about half way along the lake completed the course. The first 5 races used this course, it was then shortened slightly to allow the sea cadets some rowing practice at the top end of the lake which proved quite popular anyway as it reduced the downwind running (on the bank). The last race was held over two laps to use up all the available time.

Thanks to Mike Benson for keeping the starts prompt to maximise time on the water. Thanks also again to Bob for throughout the series organising all the things that are easily overlooked, scoresheet, charging of the starter, advise on the scoring etc etc etc.

12 skippers overall for series 1, Chris taking the honours with just one blip on the evening when the wind was extremely light. For series 2 it would be great to see more yachts on the water, so come and join in, the slates wiped clean and the weather should be getting warmer.

Gordon Bayliff

IOM 2019 Event 1

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Allowing for the absence of notable absentees including Derek, eight of the fleet’s skippers were ‘blessed’ with an unseasonable howler of a westerly, not to mention intermittent rain.

As we use an average system the final result does not reveal three different skippers taking bullets with Mike Benson’s Britpop, not to mention John Plant gaining some excellent top three finishes with yours truly’s In-Transition.

Shaun suffered electrical gremlins which when eventually sorted saw him well up the fleet only to return and spoil his day.

It was good to see David back on the water if somewhat inhibited by his lack of mobility specially on the fast downwind run which proved more that interesting at the mark!

As you will see, Gordon enjoyed an excellent result with his new boat as opposed to Eric who could not compete until he acquires B and C rigs.

So, after sixteen races over an excellent full lake course, much deserved congrats to John Sharman who proves once again that the cream rises to the top.

Many thanks to Bob Jolly for taking the RO duties.

The next IOM club session is Wednesday the 19th June at 630pm and the second event is Sunday the 30th June at 10am.

Garry B

2019 DF95 Saturday series Event 2

25th May 2019

With the wind from the west, a two lap course consisting of a long beat with a few tacks to the windward mark, a short reach to a sort of spreader, then a run down to a gate and a beat to a finish was set for the seven skippers who turned out.

With us all on A rig, the weather was a little overcast with some light rain, but that didn`t dampen the enthusiasm of the sailors as we stayed on the water until 4pm, getting in our customary eight races , with a break for lunch.

Chris was on good form and took the honours quite comfortably with six bullets, Garry once again put in a good show finishing second with Eric A third.

No breakdowns of note, and we all got through unscathed, and ready to do it all again this coming Tuesday evening 28th May 6.30pm start.

Bob Jolly

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DF65 2019 series 1 Event 6

23rd May 2019

With an in-between wind for either A+ or A sail, the majority of the thirteen skippers who turned out including one guest chose the A, but in hindsight the A+ would have been a better choice, as the conditions changed a little as the evening wore on.

With the wind from the west a two lap sausage course was set and we had eight races on the night.

Garry thought ahead and set out with the A+ from the start, he was in majestic form taking all the races bar one, which Derek won with a borrowed boat, but after borrowed boat average rule we use, Garry won that as well, so taking all eight races. Ken once again was on good form taking second spot and Walter third.

John was the only real casualty on the night with rudder/servo problems after a collision, and that cost him five races.

So good to see a great turnout once again, and hope we get something of the same or better next time out, which is on Thurs 30th May 6.30pm start, for the last event of Series one.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF95 2019 Series 1 event 6

Tuesday 21st May

Six Yachts this week with a bit of sharing again, Derek and Gary taking the helm for some races. What a difference a week makes as the wind was from the the West, more or less straight down the lake, strong enough that all bar two used the B rig for the first two races, all then changing up to the A rig. Each race used three quarters of the lake for two laps. 

Shaun’s lead for the majority of the first three races before his boat took on a large amount of water during race 5 after the hatch had been removed to fix a problem encountered the race before and not sealed back down sufficiently, let’s hope he is back on the water soon leading the way again.

The finish was slightly later than usual taking advantage of the available daylight.

The next DF95 racing at Fleetwood is this Saturday.


2019 Saturday series Event 2

18th May 2019

Great conditions for the A+ rig as nine skippers turned out for our second event in the Saturday Series. Not all own a set yet, and for those that did it was a clear advantage.

With the wind from the West, a triangular course was set, with a longish beat to the windward mark, then reach across, and then a run down to a gate, with a beat to the finish line. With a break for lunch midway through proceedings, we managed ten races in the time before calling it a day.

Garry sailed consistently all event taking seven bullets, and won the day comfortably, with Bob and Ken taking second and third spots respectively.

So a great day was had, and with no crabbers on our bank to hinder us helped immensely, if only it was like that every time.

Our next outing for the 65, is on Thurs 23rd May 6.30pm start.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.