DF65 Series 3 Event 2

A forever shifting light breeze, greeted the nine skippers who turned out for this the second event in the series. A sausage shaped course was set, and eight races were completed in the time.

Chris and Paul were both in dominant form, and it was always going to be between those two who took the honours. Chris with his four bullets to Pauls three just swung it for Chris by one point.

For the rest of us, with many having a decent finish here a there, it was consistency and being able to read the wind shifts we need to work on.

No breakdowns of note this week, except for Ian who only missed one race due to a malfunction with his winch.

Thanks to Peter for RO duties.

So we move on now to our next event in the series, which is on Thurs 9th Aug at 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF95 Squadron SERIES 3 EVENT 2

Despite several of the regulars being absent for a variety of reasons, 10 boats made it to the start line. Earlier in the afternoon it would definitely have been B rig conditions, but the wind moderated a bit and everyone started with A rigs.
The conditions were excellent, though the direction was a bit ‘shifty’ on occasions, with a good beat up the length of the lake to the other end and a run back down, followed by a beat to the finish line halfway up the lake.
The wind gradually increased as the evening progressed and Gordon and David had rig breakages and chose to drop down to B rigs for the last 2 races, rather than waste time fixing A rigs. The decision paid off for Gordon who finished the evening with a 2nd and a win, whilst David was somewhat less successful as his B rig sheeting fell apart! Shaun had a rudder servo failure and missed the last two races.
Shaun and John battled it out most of the evening, with Shaun eventually taking it by one point.
The third event of Series 3 is Tuesday, the 7th August at 6.30pm
Many thanks to David Foster for the results and the report.

DF 65 Series 3 Event 1

With several notable absentees on the night it was still a well-attended event for this our first in the Series. Twelve skippers were challenged by an ever changing wind which tested patience and skill. No surprise then that the first three on the night were the most experienced skippers.

A figure eight type course was set in A Rig conditions, and eight races were completed in the time.

We welcomed new recruit Eric Austwick to the Squadron for his first outing, who acquitted himself well finishing in sixth place respectively. A couple of breakdowns late on for Darren (leak) and Tim (batteries) and for Susan who said she had lost the will to live, but I bet she will be back next week for some more torture, what a character, brightens our evenings no end.

Thanks to Peter for RO duties.

Our next DF65 outing is on Thurs 2nd Aug at 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.



DF95 Squadron SERIES 3 EVENT 1

The first event of series 3 over eight races was again competed for in ‘champagne’ conditions with a constant A rig breeze coming straight down the lake which again lent itself to some fine tacking duals over the whole of the thirteen strong fleet.

As you will see from the results Flying Tony W (97) is now getting to grips with his 95 and proving his pedigree and Shaun H certainly gave John S a run for his money!

The second event of series 3 is next Tuesday, the 31st at 6.30pm

DF65 Series 2 Event 7

July 19th 2018
Shame that a feeble wind spoiled what could have been a great nights racing as ten skippers turned out for the final event of Series Two. Setting a course we thought would be adequate we started on time, but the first race took too much time because of the lack of wind, that we decided to run the remaining races over a shorter course.
We persevered and got our eight races done in the time, with Chris taking the honours for the evening, but it was John who did enough on the night to come out on Top for the Series, winning the Williams Cup.
Thanks to Peter for being RO.
We look forward now to Series Three which begins next Thurs the 26th July at 6.30pm
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.


DF95 Squadron SERIES 2 EVENT 7

The final event of Series Two over eight races was completed for in ‘champagne’ conditions with a constant A rig breeze coming straight down the lake which lent itself to some fine tacking duals over the whole of the eleven strong fleet.

It was good to see David and Mark Rose back on the water although they enjoyed mixed results culminating in David being RO for the final four races due to rig failure.

Congratulation to John Sharman – the overall winner for this event and for the series and to David Foster a worthy series runner up!

This series was contested for by nineteen of the Squadron and you may note that only two points separated the third, fourth and fifth which reflects the highly competitive and close racing with the 95.

The first event of series 3 is next Tuesday, the 24th at 6.30pm

Garry Benson

DF95 Club Captain

DF65 Series 2 Event 6

12th July 2018
Again a fine turnout of eleven skippers, battled with the A rig conditions which were forever changing and very fluky to say the least. Eight races were had over a course which was simple but quite challenging. Derek joined us for the first time this series being clear of commitments, and duly took the honours for the evening, closely followed by John. A quick mention for Walter and Bob Jones, our newest member, both are improving very quickly and had some fine results on the night.
A couple of breakdowns this week, battery problems after four races for Tony spoilt his evening, and a switch problem for John caused him to miss out a couple of races, but he got that sorted and came back to take three bullets, to keep up his challenge for the title.
Many thanks to Peter for being RO
Our final event of this series is on Thurs 19th July 6.30pm.
Bob Jolly
DF 65 Capt.