2019 DF65 Saturday series Event 4

20th July 2019

Luckily the early morning rain had passed through for the six skippers who turned out for our Saturday event. The wind was fairly strong and it was C rigs all round. A long figure eight course was set, and it was a real test on tacking ability in the very blustery conditions.

With John and Garry present, it was always going to be a battle between those two, on who was going to do better on the day. It was very close as usual between the two, with only one point separating them in the end, in Garry’s favour.

Walter had a decent day sailing consistently, and took third place respectively.

Darren was having a good day with some fine results, but unluckily had power failure mid-way through, and that put an end to his participation. Diagnosis, leaking boat, water on electrics. So he has until next Thursday the 25th 6.30pm, when we are back on the water again with the 65, to get his boat back in order.

So an enjoyable, fun, but very tough days sailing was had, and eight races were done with plenty of walking. The strong wind stayed with us all afternoon, so we agreed eight was enough for us all.

Bob Jolly

DF65 Capt.

DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 7

Tuesday, 16 July 1019

In near perfect ‘blessed’ A rig conditions the core fleet were pleased to have John and Susan Sharman to swell the fleet.

The westerly breeze provided a challenging course kindly set by Derek who, as usual performed the RO duties and along with John Taylor took the helm and as the norm showed us the way!

A word for Susan S:  whose result belies the unnecessary penalty turns and over staying at the beat marker whilst at the head of the fleet.

So, as per the norm, consistent finishes prove rewarding and Chris (yet again) is the man to beat although if not for a faulty sail winch John may well have reversed the order.

On the whole an excellent night to be on the water and for those who could not make it there is another opportunity next week when we have event one of the third series.

Gordon B

DF65 2019 series 2 Event 7

18th July 2019

The last event in the series saw an excellent turnout of thirteen boats on the water. With about a 17mph wind, a sausage shape course was set to start, and as the wind fluctuated and changed a little, the course was altered several times as we progressed, to enable us to get our customary eight races in.

With Garry and John equal on points for the series going into this event, all eyes were on who would come out on top on the night.

John with four bullets and two seconds counting, was enough for him to take the honours for the event, and also the series.

For the rest of us there was some good racing going on, and a lot depended on how quickly you could get on port tack from the start, and get across the starboard boats, as it was an advantage, and went a long way as to where you finished in the race.

So that brings us to the end of this series, but no rest, as we are back at it again next week with the start of a new series.

Bob Jolly

DF65 Capt.

DF65 2019 series 2 Event 6

11th July 2019

Once again a wonderful turnout of thirteen skippers for this the sixth event of the series.

A healthy wind enabled us to start out on B rigs. As it blew straight down the lake from the west, a longish sausage course was set, forcing us to take several tacks to reach the windward mark, then a run down to a gate, then a beat up to a shorter windward mark, back down to the gate, and then a beat to the finish. The course was tinkered with slightly as we progressed, as the wind fluctuated and dropped significantly later on, enough for those who wanted to stay competitive to change from the B to A+. We completed our eight races, with even enough time for our headmaster Derek, to grill his students on course management and etiquette. What was said can stay in house, but safe to say we all got the message.

To the racing, and it was always going to be the big three fighting it out for the honours. Chris carried over his form from Tues with the 95, Garry as always consistent and putting in some good results, and John as usual among it, these three sharing the majority of the bullets and top three finishes. For the rest of us we had our own little battles, and some good results were had by the chasing pack, but it was Eric who triumphed and took that fourth spot.

So again a great nights sailing, and a brilliant attendance.

Thanks to Derek for RO duties.

Our next meeting is next Thurs 18th when we are out on the water at 6.30pm, for our final event of this particular series.

Bob Jolly

DF65 Capt.

DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 6

9TH July 2019

On arrival, a healthy blow of about 10mph was coming almost straight down the lake, so the five skippers who turned out prepared to tackle a triangular course which was set by our race officer Derek, with us all on A`s we set out on time, but as the evening progressed the wind was dropping all the time making it ever challenging as the night wore on, we managed to just get our eight races in as the wind decided to leave us.

Chris once again was on good form and sailing consistently, and after taking into account borrowed boat averages (as Derek took a few out) he came out with seven bullets on the night, and won the event convincingly over Bob and Garry in second and third respectively.

So for some reason a low turnout again, and with us now well into the year it`s a shame more 95`s are not on the water, so if you have a 95 and are reading this, come on down to our next meeting which is on Tuesday 16th July 6.30pm start, and join in the fun.

Bob Jolly

DF65 2019 series 2 Event 5

4th July 2019

What a great sight to see twelve Dragons on the line for the start of the fifth event in the series.

With about a 10mph Westerly almost straight down the lake, it made for some nice beats and runs. A triangular type course was set of two laps, and we had eight races on the night, the last race being changed to a sausage shape with a long beat to the windward mark, then a run down to a gate, back up to the windward mark, and then a run for home. The wind was pretty constant with no vicious gusts as of late, so A+ was the sail of choice.

It was good to see that bullets were being shared around, and in the end it was all very close, as only one point separated the top three, but it was John who edged it over Bob and Eric, Bob taking second place just, on count back.

So overall a brilliant nights sailing, not quite champagne conditions, but not far off, certainly better than we have had just recently, and we hope for much of the same when we are back on the water with the 65 on Thursday 11th July at 6.30pm.

Thanks to Derek for Race Officer Duties and scoring.

Bob Jolly

DF 65 Capt.

DF95 2019 Series 2 Event 5

2nd July 2019

With a strong NNW wind it was B rigs all round for the eight skippers that turned out. A triangular two lap course was set and eight races were had in the time.

Very challenging conditions to say the least, as gusts were coming through seemingly from all directions, and it was no surprise that a couple suffered breakdowns as we progressed. David had winch failure in the first race and that put paid to his evening, and Garry had a sail collapse and that cost him a few races, Mark too had problems late on.

Derek was present to lend a hand on tuning, and to borrow the odd boat and show us how it should be done, sailing in the unpredictable conditions.

So to the racing. Chris with his experience had his boat tuned perfectly from off, and he sailed consistently well all night taking the honours easily with six bullets, Garry after all his troubles put in a creditable performance in the second half, and recovered from his misfortunes to edge second place. For the rest of us it was a difficult night, but pretty much even as the results show, there were only three points separating third to sixth place.

So not an easy night, but still enjoyable and with a good turnout made for a good night’s sailing, and I’m sure we all learnt from the experience.

Our Next DF 95 meet is on Tuesday 9th July 6.30pm.

Bob Jolly